26 November 2022

MP TO bharti Recruitment Test - 2022 - Syllabus for Training Officer all trade

 Syllabus for ITI Training Officer - Electronics Mechanic:

1. Perform basic workshop operations using suitable tools for fitting, riveting, drilling etc. observing

suitable care & safety following safety precautions. (NOS: ELE/N1002) 2. Select and perform electrical/

electronic measurement of single range meters and calibrate the instrument. ELE/N9401 3. Test

&service different batteries used in electronic applications and record the data to estimate repair cost.

(NOS: ELE/N7001) 4. Measure AC/DC using proper measuring instruments and compare the data using

standard parameter. ELE/N9402 5. Measure the various parameters by DSO and execute the result with

standard one. ELE/N9403 6. Plan and execute soldering & de-soldering of various electrical components

like Switches, PCB & Transformers for electronic circuits. (NOS: ELE/N7812) 7. Test various electronic

components using proper measuring instruments and compare the data using standard parameter.

(NOS: ELE/N5804) 8. Assemble simple electronic power supply circuit and test for functioning. (NOS:

ELE/N5804) 9. Construct, test and verify the input/ output characteristics of various analog circuits.

ELE/N9404 10. Plan and construct different power electronic circuits and analyse the circuit functioning.

ELE/N1201 11. Select the appropriate opto electronics components and verify the characteristics in

different circuit. ELE/N6102 12. Assemble, test and troubleshoot various digital circuits. (NOS:

ELE/N1201) 13. Simulate and analyze the analog and digital circuits using Electronic simulator software.

(NOS: ELE/N6102) 14. Construct and test different circuits using ICs 741operational amplifiers & ICs 555

linear integrated circuits. ELE/N9405 15. Read and apply engineering drawing for different application in

the field of work. CSC/N9401 16. Demonstrate basic mathematical concept and principles to perform

practical operations. Understand and explain basic science in the field of study. CSC/N9402 17. Prepare,

crimp, terminate and test various cables used in different electronics industries. (NOS: ELE/N6307) 18.

Install, configure, interconnect given computer system(s) and demonstrate & utilize application

packages for different application. (NOS: ELE/N4614) 19. Identify, place, solder and desolder and test

different SMD discrete components and ICs package with due care and following safety norms using

proper tools/setup. (NOS: ELE/N5102) 20. Rework on PCB after identifying defects from SMD soldering

and de-soldering. (NOS: ELE/N5102) 21. Construct different electrical control circuits and test for their

proper functioning with due care and safety. ELE/N9407 22. Assemble and test a commercial AM/FM

receiver and evaluate performance. ELE/N9408 23. Test, service and troubleshoot the various

components of different domestic/ industrial programmable systems.



1.Identify trade related hazards and safety procedures following safety precautions. NOS: ELE/N 1002 2.

Produce fitting jobs as per drawing (Range of operations: marking, sawing, filing, drilling, reaming, taping

and dieing etc.). NOS: ELE/N3114 3. Produce Sheet metal components (range of operation - marking,

metal cutting, bending, riveting and soldering etc.). NOS: ELE/N3114 4. Identify electrical safety. Join

different wire, measure power, currents, volts and earth resistance etc. Connect single phase, 3 phase

motors i.e. star and delta connections.NOS: ELE/N 1002 5. Identify the electronic components and their

colour code i.e. transistor, capacitor, diode, amplifier, I.C and able to work soldering. NOS: ELE/N3112 6.

Perform gas welding, brazing, soldering observing related safety. NOS: ELE/N3112 7. Identify RAC tools

and equipment and recognise different parts of RAC system. Perform copper tube cutting, flaring,

swaging, brazing. NOS ELE/N 3108 8. Test mechanical & electrical components. Perform leak test,

vacuuming, gas charging, wiring & installation of refrigerator. NOS: ELE/N3112 9. Identify electrical and

mechanical components of a refrigerator. NOS: ELE/N3112 10. Test compressor motor terminal, start

compressor Direct with relay & without relay, technique of flushing, leak testing, replacing capillary &

filter drier, evacuation & gas charging. NOS: ELE/N3112 11. Check components of frost-free refrigerator

(electrical/mechanical), wiring of frost-free freeze & air distribution in refrigerator sector. Leak

detection, evacuators & gas charging. NOS: ELE/N3112 12. Dismantle, repair and assemble hermetic,

fixed and variable speed compressor, and test performance. NOS: ELE/N3112 13. Identify the terminals

of sealed compressor and their wiring and measure current, volts, watts and use of DOL starter with

different types of motors. NOS: ELE/N3112 14. Perform selection of Hermetic compressor for different

appliances, starting methods, testing controls & safety cut out used in sealed compressor. NOS:

ELE/N3112 15. Identify the components of control system of Inverter A.C and wiring of control system

NOS ELE/N3114 5. LEARNING OUTCOME 12 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician 16. Perform

servicing & de-scaling of condenser (internals &externals) used in different appliances NOS ELE/N3114

17. Perform fitting & adjustment of drier, filter & refrigerant controls used in different refrigeration

system. NOS: CSC/N9413 18. Perform servicing of different evaporator used in different appliances.

NOS: CSC/N9414 19. Carry out Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerant used, alternative of CFC, HFC


Syllabus for ITI Training Officer - MECHANIC DIESEL:

1.Check & perform Measuring & marking by using various Measuring & Marking tools (Vernier Callipers,

Micrometre, Telescope gauges, Dial bore gauges, Dial Indicators, straightedge, feeler gauge, thread pitch

gauge, vacuum gauge, tire pressure gauge.) Following safety precautions. ASC/N9401 2. Plan & perform

basic fastening & fitting operation by using correct hand tools, Machine tools & equipment. CSC/N0304

3. Trace and Test all Electrical & Electronic components & circuits and assemble circuit to ensure

functionality of system. ELE/N9412 4. Join components by using Arc & Gas welding. CSC/N0304 5. Trace

& Test Hydraulic and Pneumatic components. CSC/N9404 6. Check & Interpret Vehicle Specification data

and VIN. Select & operate various Service Station equipment. ASC/N9402 7. Dismantle & assemble of

Diesel Engine from vehicle (LMV/HMV) along with other accessories (torqueing methods, handling

parts). ASC/N9403 8. Overhaul, service and testing Diesel Engine, its parts and check functionality.

ASC/N9404 9. Trace, Test & Repair Cooling and Lubrication System of engine (types of coolants and olls

relevant to the engines). ASC/N9405 10. Trace & Test Intake and Exhaust system of engine.(cleaning egr

valves, exhaust inlet valves, ports and manifolds) ASC/N9406 11. Service Diesel Fuel System and check

proper functionality (calibration of mechanical and electronic pumps, checking injectors, filters)

ASC/N9404 12. Plan &overhaul the stationary engine and Governor and check functionality. ASC/N9404

13. Monitor emission of vehicle and execute different operation to obtain optimum pollution as per

emission norms. ASC/N9407 14. Carryout overhauling of Alternator and Starter Motor. ASC/N9408 15.

Diagnose & rectify the defects in LMV/HMV to ensure functionality of vehicle. ASC/N9409 16. Read and

apply engineering drawing for different application in the field of work. CSC/N9401 17. Demonstrate

basic mathematical concept and principles to perform practical operations. Understand and explain

basic science in the field of study. CSC/N9402 


Syllabus for ITI Training Officer - DRAUGHTSMAN MECHANICAL:

1.Construct different Geometrical figures using drawing Instruments following safety precautions.

(CSC/NO402) 2. Draw orthographic Projections giving proper dimensioning with title block and heading

using appropriate line-type-and-scale. (CSC/NO402) 3-Construct-free-hand-sketches of simple machine

parts with correct proportions. (CSC/NO402) 4. Construct plain scale, comparative scale, diagonal scale

and vernier scale. (CSC/NO402) 5. Draw Sectional views showing orthographic projections. (CSC/NO402)

6. Develop surface and interpenetration of solid in orthographic projection. (CSC/NO402) 7. Draw

isometric projection from orthographic views (and vice-versa) anddraw oblique projection from

orthographic views. (CSC/NO402) 8. Draw and indicate the specification of different types of fasteners,

welds and locking devices as per SP-46:2003(CSC/NO402) 9. Acquire basic knowledge on tools and

equipment of Allied trades viz. Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Sheet Metal Worker, Welder, Foundry man,

Electrician and Maintenance Motor Vehicles. (CSC/NO402) 10. Construct different types of gears,

couplings and bearings with tolerance dimension and indicating surface finish symbol. (CSC/NO402) 11.

Perform computer application and Create 2D objects on CAD drawing space using commands from

ribbon, menu bar, toolbars and by typing in command prompt. (CSC/NO402) 12. Demonstrate basic

mathematical concept and principles to perform practical operations. Understand and explain basic

science in the field of study. (CSC/NO402), 13. Construct projection views of geometrical figures with

dimension and annotation on CAD in model space and viewport in layout space. (CSC/NO402) 14. Draw

in CAD detail and assembly drawing of machine parts viz., Pulleys, Pipe fittings, Gears and Cams applying

range of cognitive and practical skills. (CSC/NO402) 5. LEARNING OUTCOME 12 Draughtsman

Mechanical 15. Construct drawing of engine parts with detailed and assembly in template layout

applying quality concept in CAD. (CSC/NO402) 16. Create 3D solid by switching to 3D modeling

workspace in CAD, generate views, Print Preview and Plotting. (CSC/NO402) 17. Construct detailed and

assembled drawing applying conventional sign & symbolsusing CAD. (CSC/NO402) 18. Prepare drawing

of machinepart by measuring with gauges and measuring instruments. (CSC/NO402) 19. Draw a machine


Syllabus for ITI Training Officer Computer Operator and Programming Assistant:

1. Install and setup operating system and related software in a computer following safety precautions.

(NOS: SSC/N3022) 2. Create, format and edit document using word processing application software.

(NOS: SSC/N3022) 3. Create, format, edit and develop a workbook by using spreadsheet application

software. (NOS: SSC/N3022) 4. Create and customize slides for presentation. (NOS: SSC/N3022) 5.

Create and manage database file using MySQL. (NOS: SSC/N9401) 6. Install, setup/configure,

troubleshoot and secure computer network including Internet. (NOS: SSC/N3022) 7. Develop web pages

using HTML and CSS. (NOS: SSC/NO503, SSC/N0501) 8. Develop web pages using Java Script. (NOS:

SSC/N0503, SSC/N0501) 9. Create workbooks with advanced formulae, macros, charts, pivot tables and

demonstrate ability to use Power tools. (NOS: SSC/N9402) 10. Browse, select and transact using E

commerce websites. (NOS: SSC/N9403) 11. Secure information from Internet by using cyber security

concept. (NOS: SSC/N9404) 12. Explain Cloud concepts & services. (NOS: SSC/N9405) 13. Write programs

using Python/Java language. (NOS: SSC/N9406, SSC/N9407)

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